Welcome To Ceramics

Think of a ceramic coat as a thin piece of glass protecting your paint. With a ceramic coating your vehicle can retain its lush look and glossy feel. 


This is one of the best ways to add value to your vehicle! If you already see your vehicle as a asset then you definitely understand that this service is for you. The way it works is, we start with a deconamation wash, whats a decon wash? well it works like this,

  1. Complete premium wash service​

  2. Clay bar service

  3. Iron remover

  4. Hand dry 

So now that you know what this service is, we move onto the paint enhancement process. this service can be the following,​

  • Paint polish 


This is where we remove light swirls and some scratches making the paint look glossy before the ceramic coating is applied​

  • One step correction 


With this service we take 50 to 70 precent of paint swirls, defects, scratches and hazing out of the paint's surface​

  • Two step correction


This is the top service and requires a large amount of time to perform ( up to 2 days of correction) this includes 80 to 90 precent of paint swirls, defects and hazing out of your paint. This is more of the "my car deserves to hold its re-sale value" then anything else.


Ok this is where it gets exciting!

we now move onto the the ceramic coating process, the way it works is simple after the wash and correction is done, we start by tack clothing the whole vehicle to remove any dust or debris left over from the correction process.

the total time needed to coat a vehicle depending on size is generally 1-2 hours, after the process is complete the end results is left with a superior glossy paint surface that is protected up to 3 years from the following,

UV rays 

Bug debris

Light scratches

Acid rain​

It also makes washing your vehicle a breeze! We offer a discount to ceramic coated vehicles on our maintenance plan, so before you say this is not for me. Ask yourself do you appreciate your vehicle? You really should knowing what your vehicle does for you day in and day out! please click get a quote too learn more on how we can service your vehicle for a ceramic coating.


   Starting At: $499.99